Print mobility that delivers savings.

Finally, complete access to your printer network regardless of your device or location. Print freely within your network with the highest levels of data security.

Easy to implement and use, secure and cost-saving

  • No new infrastructure

    Our cloud-based software allows you to seamlessly share data to any printer in your existing network, giving you true flexibility.

  • Anywhere, any device

    Every printer in your network is accessible by team members or clients regardless of where they are, or how they print: PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • Brand agnostic

    Your chosen hardware doesn’t matter, and users don’t need to worry about drivers or complicated set-up requirements.

  • Make your printers more useful

    Store print jobs in the system to provide direct access to common forms and documents, or quickly find and re-print previously printed material.

  • Your data remains yours

    All data is validated in your existing systems behind your firewall: NexusPrint uses secure gateways to pass encrypted data to your printer network.

  • Make printing more secure

    Nominate user/s that can print a specific job, to easily share documents with someone or maintain the security of confidential printouts.

  • Keep track of your costs

    Clearly quantify printer usage by individuals and teams, so you can understand costs and manage resources more carefully.

  • Encourage thoughtful printing

    Every print job must be confirmed at the printer, so expect less wastage and smaller piles of unclaimed paper.