Digital business that’s simple, secure and systematic.

Transform the value your IT systems deliver by using software that actually makes it easier to meet strategic business goals, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Business technology goes beyond moving everything to the cloud. It’s about solving problems in enterprising ways that make it easier for your business to adapt, grow and prosper.

Sofco is a team of natural problem-solvers whose first priority is meeting your business needs. We’re always imagining what ‘could be’. But we’re also committed to creating software with clear, practical application.

What is NexusSuite?

NexusSuite is our versatile range of software solutions designed to improve business operations and offer cost-savings through improved.

Give your team greater flexibility

Our software lets your team harness mobile technology to work more flexibly and autonomously—while also following internal processes that ensure high levels of security and compliance.

Make information and tasks easier to manage

Digitise and manage your assets and content, and make information-sharing more fluid and automated. Routine tasks become easier and essential business activities are performed consistently and reliably.

Standardise, benchmark and improve

Understand your risk, see what is driving or impeding growth, identify costs and opportunities, and then develop proactive strategies to improve your processes, systems and the bottom line.

Better sales approach driven by printing insight.

Not only did print volume reduce, the sales team found the approach was more impressive and engaging for clients.

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