CLIENT STORY Better sales approach driven by printing insight

Our client was going through 12 boxes of paper every week and wanted to see if reductions could be made to save money and use fewer resources.

By analysing information within NexusPrint about printing volumes and document types, they discovered members of the marketing team were printing large numbers of PDFs.

On closer inspection they found the printing wasn’t wasteful: it was essential marketing material prepared for the sales team to use during presentations to clients.

But the more they spoke with their team about how clients interacted with the material, they realised the printouts were highly influential as a visual tool during conversations but were rarely needed in hard copy after the meeting.

By understanding actual print usage and asking intelligent questions about processes, they determined it would be more cost-effective to invest in electronic tablets for use by the sales team to display the information that was normally printed.

Not only did print volume reduce, the sales team found the approach was more impressive and engaging for clients and meant less paperwork to worry about carrying between meetings.

Imagine the operational improvements and cost savings you could make by better understanding what is happening each time a team member hits ‘print’.