ARTICLE What sets CKC Corporate apart? Easily Customisable

Stay abreast of specific sales activity and pinpoint parts of the customer experience that matter most to your ability to convert more easily, with Customer Knowledge Centre Corporate.

Having the flexibility to customise your CRM matters, because:

  • Not every business uses the same sales funnel, selling methods or client management tactics
  • You want to focus on specific actions and events to boost attraction and retention methods
  • You need insights to effectively motivate your team to continuously improve.

What can you customise with CKC Corporate?

Sofco has built a CRM with flexibility in mind: most aspects of the system have the potential to be tailored to your business needs.


CKC Corporate has a sophisticated alerts feature that allows you to select from a range of variables and conditions that will trigger an automated message or report. You can use alerts to give you deep insights into how clients are being managed.

For example, use alerts to know:

  • When a scheduled event coincides with a public holiday
  • When a contact is added without a valid email address (and who added it)
  • When a customer has called for support more than 3 times in one month
  • Which team members have made the most phone calls/meetings this week
  • Which customers have been engaged less than twice in the last 6 months
  • Which contracts for a particular sales region are close to ending.

Create alerts for key metrics you want to follow, or as a way to ensure you can intervene when needed to give certain clients extra care.


CKC Corporate enables you to creating and export reports that present information in an easy to read layout, ideal for presenting to senior managers or your Board of executives. Generate reports based on criteria such as:

  • Contact and company details
  • Activity (events and interactions with each client)
  • Progress of prospects
  • User actions (productivity of team members within specific date ranges)


Often you need to extract specific data from your CRM based on a range of factors – our system offers in-depth search capabilities that allow you to find exactly what you need. For example, you might wish to find all contacts added in the last 6 months that use a particular product within Queensland only.

Use CKC Corporate’s search functionality to:

  • Customise your search fields based on almost any type of information within the system
  • Save your search query so you can return to it regularly
  • Export your search results as a spreadsheet for use outside the CRM.


If you rely on client data and relationships to grow your business, the information you store in your CRM is a valuable asset to your organisation.

CKC Corporate gives you the ability to customise team member’s access to certain data and features, to help you manage the security of your intellectual property.

Protect your customer knowledge and use CKC Corporate to:

  • Control exactly which company-defined categories each team members can see and update: create categories for regions, products, industries or anything relevant to your business.
  • Enable or disable printing rights by individual user: to avoid team members being able to easily print client contact lists.
  • Use domain controller to enable a single login via Windows systems: this means employees’ use of CKC Corporate is linked to their unique computer login and password – allowing your system administrator to control and update access rights.

Sofco can also enable SSL encryption on request, to provide added security for the exchange of data between CRM users and your database.