ARTICLE Why intelligent businesses need transparency on printing costs

Printing remains an essential part of the business landscape, despite predictions in the 70s that computers would pave the way for paperless offices. Technology has changed the way we do business: it’s made speed and agility a prerequisite for success.

Clever business leaders know that while the paper isn’t going away: it’s important to look for ways to use less, as printing comes with significant IT, energy and resource requirement.

Printing is a cost centre that you can control:

Cloud-based print mobility from NexusPrint allows businesses to maximise value and reduce wastage when it comes to printing. It removes complication from printing, to ensure your team spends less time on tasks, and more time meeting business objectives.

As well as streamlining access to your printer network, by implementing NexusPrint you will gain deeper insight into how your machines are being used. Our software allows you to attribute costs to users, identify volumes and file types being printed, and identify exactly where you can save money.

Money-saving initiatives might come in the form of updated policies and processes, by allocating printing budgets by the team, or by challenging underlying approaches to work.

The fact is, you can’t begin to address high printing costs unless you understand how your network is being used. NexusPrint gives you unparalleled access to information to enhance business intelligence—it will dramatically improve your ability to manage to print in your business.

Making printing easier makes workflow:

Achieving more with less is the dream of every member of the C-Suite. You can improve productivity by providing straightforward digital tools that empower your employees.

Printing is a means to an end: not valuable work in itself. On-demand, mobile printing reduces the burden on your team when it comes to this everyday activity, so they can invest more of their energy in work that demands critical problem-solving and creativity.

Printers are also a renowned source of frustration in the office environment. Printers mean dealing with reams of paper and ink cartridges, paper jams and machine maintenance, plus the time and confusion involved in successfully finding and connecting computers to the right machine.

Imagine the benefits of a simplified system where users can access any printer in your network via an app, and print from their computer, smartphone, tablet, or e-reader?