About Us

We see past the clouds.

Blue-sky thinking may have become hackneyed business jargon, but the premise is sound.

We look at challenges and opportunities with fresh eyes, and without limitations.

Business technology goes beyond moving everything to the cloud. It’s about solving problems in enterprising ways that make it easier for your business to adapt, grow and prosper.

Sofco is a team of natural problem-solvers whose first priority is meeting your business needs.

We’re always imagining what ‘could be’. But we’re also committed to creating software with clear, practical application.

> We listen, understand and interpret business problems

> We develop software with customer needs in mind

> We’re agile, open to ideas, and always pursuing innovation

A fresh approach.

Fundamental to the Sofco approach to software development is reducing fragmentation within your business.

Our tools give your team greater clarity and assurance, so they can focus on the work that gives your business its competitive edge.

Regardless of the underlying infrastructure and organisational structures, our software reduces complexity and streamlines workflow to improve your day-to-day operations and service delivery.



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